Fate Remnant - A ma...
By pkwriterRed5
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Fourteen masters Fourteen servants On one side, one mage, with a mission from the god of light. On the other side, one woman, betrayed by all she knows. Both sides must fight Only one master and servant shall remain. But what happens when a Foreign servant is summoned? A servant that by all means should not exist? Well my dear viewers~ It becomes a world filled of entertainment! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (A/N) So this is a story that I've been thinking about for a long while.... Like at least a year... But I don't entirely plan on doing much with this unless it gets really popular. Like I still have a bunch of other books that I'm working on, but I got a crap ton of inspiration so I just thought "Eh, why not?" Please let me know what you think! I'll appreciate any kind of feedback!

Summoning the Foreign Servant

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Fate Remn...
by pkwriterRed5