Hogwarts || a zodia...
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its basically a story about the zodiacs going to Hogwarts. There is no Wizarding war and I probably won't be putting any of the original hp characters here except the professors. If you wanna know the houses and gender and stuff about your zodiac before you read, I suggest you go to the chapter labeled character files (chapter 6), and then read the book from the start. started: 13th Dec, 2020 [writing] | discontinued | on-hold Ps. This book does have many other characters except the zodiacs, and yes, the zodiacs can be shipped with them, and be besties with them, or enemies, or whatever. So, if you don't like that sort of schist, I suggest you fuck off Pps. I don't own hp only my ocs and their reactions and stuff. None of the art in the book is mine unless I say so. Kinda good rankings that I don't deserve #4 in taurus #5 in constellations #3 in zodiacstory #7 in astrology #13 in Pisces #9 in astrology


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