Daddy's Secret
By _MaraaaaXO
  • Romance
  • daddy
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • sexualcontent
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"I want you to bend over my desk and spread your legs." I nodded, walking over to his desk. "Yes, Daddy." "Good girl." I spread my legs and stood there, waiting for his next move. "Pretty little, Vera." I flinced when I felt his finger on my back. "I have a question." "Okay," I whispered. "How would you like it? Do you want Daddy to go easy on you, or do you want Daddy to fuck you hard?" I thought about it for a few seconds. This was our first time after our arrangment, but I didn't care. I needed a good fuck. "Please, fuck me hard, Daddy." When they see her, they whisper the word slut. One night determined Vera's reputation in school. Now, she lives up to her name. Vera likes to party and she doesn't mind sleeping around but once she meets Braxton Dixon, everything changes. She's not used to someone telling her what to do, but Braxton is the only person that can control her. He knows her body and what she likes but there's one problem, Braxton is her best friend's father. Can Vera keep her relationship a secret from her best friend? (Cover made by @kimberly_white101)


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Daddy's S...
by _MaraaaaXO