Sinner 2 (Completed)
By Bee90s
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Sinner 2. (The Sequel) "Aight, baby." He reluctantly grumbled, looking down into my eyes. "Whatever you want, I'a do it." Was all he said and I raised my eyes in shock. "You want me to leave this shit alone, you want me to leave this game? I'a do it." He looked down into my eyes seriously. "You hear me?" "It's done, baby. It's over." "What?" "Really?" I asked in disbelief, considering he was so content last night and this morning about his initial decision. "Yes, G." "You want me to stop? Then it's over." He said, licking his lips and I couldn't help to smile small, feeling 100% better. Apart of me believed him but a small part of me felt like he was just trying to make things better for the moment. "Do you promise, Abir?" I spoke barely above a whisper now and he nodded, looking away from me. "Yeah, ma." "Whatever you want." Then it's settled.


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Sinner 2...
by Bee90s