The Deadly Seven |H...
By itsafinelinebub
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Eva's past and present collide to cause chaos. [Completed] I do not accept translations, sorry x --- "What are you-" I tried to speak but once again was cut off. Harry brought his hand back up, wrapping it around my throat and pinning me forcefully against him. I couldn't stop the gasp that came from me, my eyes going wide and meeting his in the mirror while under his hand on my neck went hot. His fingers tensed around the sides of my throat, making my head go light and core ache. "You want me to stop?" he asked, tightening his grip. I dropped my eyes to my throat, seeing his bloodied hand wrapped around it, the red liquid seeping out between his fingers and dark drips falling down my chest already. He doesn't look bothered one bit... Neither am I "Don't stop"

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The Deadl...
by itsafinelinebub