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By beazibo
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The Crown Princess of Mizule finds the missing puzzle piece of the history lesson she never thought she needed. Twelve years on and she is suddenly thrown in the deep end with the expectation to join the Great Lacuna Games - or in her dictionary, 'The History Lesson' - by the Prince next door. Feeling the interest spark within her, after seeking opinions, gaining advice and receiving encouragements, she gathers up the courage to drop her name into the draw box. Images of having fun, enjoying the sun and exploring new grounds crash and burn when everything becomes more than it should be. Prizes that had never interested her become what she has to attain the most. Initially thinking having the Prince on her side would be a misfortune to her, maybe, she couldn't ask for a better partner in crime after all. A Lee Minho Fanfiction | AU ©2021 beazibo s t a t u s | on-going started: 210521 finished: -

the lacuna games

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the lacun...
by beazibo