Going back
By BlueStarrySky1
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Up until she was seven, Iris had an amazing life. She had wonderful parents, kind and protective brothers and many friends at school. However, that all changes when her parents started fighting. At first, it was about small things. Then, it got bigger and bigger until Iris's mother had enough. She filed a divorce and got Iris while her father got her brothers- Elijah, Daimen and Brandon. Eight years later, Iris has changed. She became cold and sadistic. Her mother changed and started abusing her. Iris was forced to join a gang just to earn enough money to buy basic household necessities. When she was 15, she was told her mother overdosed and died. Iris expected to go into the foster care system. To her surprise, she find out that her brothers and estranged father agree to take her in. However, her father remarried and she has three new stepbrothers. She's determined never to trust anyone again, but that's hard to do when her family are determined to break down her walls. What happens next? Find out in 'Going back'

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Going back
by BlueStarrySky1