Framed (re-write)
By cave-otaku
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This is a re-write of my second fanfiction also called 'Framed' it's basically the same thing except the ship has changed from Izuku x OC to Izuku x Jiro, a few more things has also changed but you'll have to read if you want to know. This is also a cross over between MHA and Assassination Classroom. _________________________________________ Izuku was having a good time but things started going downhill first his girlfriend Ochako Uraraka cheated on him with Bukgo then after that he gets framed for stealing some files and giving them to L.O.V and get gets sent to one of the worst prison where only the worst and baddest villains go only a few of his friends believe him. He manages to escape but ends up passing out behind an alleyway of a music store (how convenient) but right as he passes out a familiar feminine figure at the end of the alleyway(hmm, I wonder who it is🤔). I do NOT own MHA or Assassination Classroom, I also do not own any pictures or videos.

Ch 1. Why me?

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Framed (r...
by cave-otaku