A Beautiful Instrum...
By StellarStellaLeigh
  • Romance
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  • dance
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  • instruments
  • love
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*** COMPLETED STORY *** Leigh gets the chance of a lifetime to join a world-renowned orchestra and realize her life's dream. But she never expected temptation in the form of a sexy competitor. Jeremy Connors had his heart broken, but can't deny the intense chemistry he has with the orchestra's newest member. With a music director with a penchant for pretty things, a mentor like a father, and exes with lingering desires, Leigh and Jeremy have a whole host of hurdles to overcome if they want to explore their harmonies as a couple. Will they find their rhythm? (C) Copyright 2019 - Stella Leigh. The author reserves all intellectual property and moral rights over this work. Violations, including copying or adapting characters or plotlines without Author's permission, will be pursued legally. The story is a fictional depiction. Any resemblance to any actual persons or organizations is purely coincidental.

1: My Biggest Competition

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A Beautif...
by StellarStellaLeigh