Their Betrayal made...
By 005txrmyy
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Basically the title -.-.-.-.- Marinette... Almost everyone in her life betrayed her or brought her pain Betrayed by her Master Fu, an experiment that cost Adrien's life goes wrong... Or maybe right? -.-.-.-.- With the defeat of Hawkmoth, comes the birth of our Supreme Miracle Goddess Bestowed with all the kwamii's powers She sets out to Gotham, the city that needs her help With what? She has no idea... She meets Damian Wayne Ice Prince of Gotham Will something bloom from their unfriendly first encounter... Or will something go terribly wrong... -.-.-.-.-.- I do not own DC or MLB Plot belongs to me, if you see some parts similar to yours then I apologize Updates will not be that frequent, depends on internet Please read, vote comment and follow :) Byeee!!! ;)

Author's Note...

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Their Bet...
by 005txrmyy