Fight Like Never Be...
By abby_belleza_
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"Who the fuck do you think you are bitch, telling me what to do?" - I gritted at her. Staring at her was something I never expected or at least seeing her again. Little did I know, she wasn't the same best friend I had years ago. Her being the innocent-looking nerd and telling me to be gone and disappear was so out of the league. "Well can't you remember I'm Elliana your best friend " - she said sarcastically. I laughed. "You're my best friend, a girl that was way long ago." "Yeah your right how could I forget, anyways I just wanted to tell you to stay away from the new boy Ethan cause you don't know him and you don't know what he is part of " - Elliana glared Stupid nerd telling me what to do, I thought once she turned away laughing like an idiot she is. *** Sarah Marie Mcknight is not your typical good girl, going to street fights and fooling with boys at parties. Unlike Elliana the innocent-looking nerd who's a bad girl going to street fighting without anyone else knowing. But then there's Ethan the bad boy who suddenly showed up and took an interest in Sarah. Little did Sarah know she's in much more danger than she thought, not knowing the secrets around her everyone has been keeping. Will she make it out alive or will she trust those who broke her heart to save herself? [ A/N ] ♥ Proofreading & Editing by @Julie_ProofEdit


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Fight Lik...
by abby_belleza_