So... I Am Diana?
By VitoDeCeniza
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Fanfiction: Who Made Me A Princess Status: Hiatus Cover not mine ©tto ••• I am a writer and I was once a ballerina. A normal human being living peacefully in my one-story house. One day, while buying some refreshments on a grocery. A handsome young man appeared in front of me. He murmured something that I cannot understand except for the words "A Perfect Gift for Athy" What happened next? I passed out, when I regained my consciousness, a beautiful young woman appeared before my eyes. The young woman looks exactly like me and the surprising part is when she called me 'Mother' Do I look like her Mother? Well, yes. But what surprised me the most is when she told me her name. Athanasia de Alger Obelia, a cannon-fodder character in my novel 'The Lovely Princess' and she told me that I am Diana, her deceased mother. So was it a problem? Actually not. It's not a problem until Claude saw me... ---------- "Lucas told me that you are my Mother," Athanasia said "Actually, You are the Reincarnation of Athy's Mother" Lucas replied "Wait geez... So I am Diana?" I asked " Indeed! and you are my gift to this Idiot" He grinned. "Oh shut up! I am not an Idiot"


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So... I A...
by VitoDeCeniza