I never should have...
By papapattinson
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WARNING: This book is rated mature for a reason. It will contain smut, mentions of abuse, etc. I put warnings on every single chapter that has any kind of triggering material. It is a slow burn and it is enemies to lovers. If anything I mentioned makes you uncomfortable, please do not read, but it is up to you. Please do not report, I spent a lot of time working on this <3 Aurora Stokes comes from a long line of rich, pureblooded Slytherins. Her parents were the sort of witches and wizards who mainly consorted with others of their status, like their best friends, the Diggory's. They met when they were at Hogwarts, and have been nearly inseparable since. The Diggory's were kind though, and they were all Hufflepuffs. They had a son the same age as Aurora, Cedric Diggory. But she hated him with a passion. Hated his fluffy, cloud-like hair, his grey-blue eyes, how he had always been taller than her, and most of all, how he was perfect in every way. I only own the made up names in the story, all other names, places, magical creatures, etc. belong to JK Rowling. Started 12/03/20 Not finished


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I never s...
by papapattinson