Tristan's Choice (T...
By theeternalscribe
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Even though Captain Tristan Faulk and his crew succeeded in their mission, the Earth is spinning toward disaster. The hunt for the group responsible for the sabotage of the USS Orleans continues still, and they don't know who they can trust as Tristan is assigned a new mission, a mission that puts Tristan and his crew yet again in the thick of it. They start their mission, knowing full well another sabotage is not only likely, but inevitable. But a darker threat looms on the horizon, and it just might threaten two races into extinction. As a greater threat draws steadily closer, will humans and the Incirrina be able to fight side by side, saving both their kind? Will humanity be able to put aside its many differences to act as one? Or will it all just be too late to make a difference? **This is my NaNoWriMo project, and I'll be posting it as I go. It is a first draft. Any comments or feedback greatly appreciated.**

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by theeternalscribe