Amongst The Water:...
By JordiNicholson
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After 15-year-old Kylie Couture moves away from her hometown of Clarksburg, West Virginia. She struggles to adjust to the new town she and her family settles into. Kylie notices a lot of strange things in the town. To her surprise; her new home is known for Mermaid Myths. One day she goes to a mysterious island, locales talk about and she finds out herself that the strange myths are in fact true! Moanie Island isn't a normal island and isn't the only odd thing in Australia. Her new friends experience odd events happening at a few popular tourist spots and on Moanie. After some time; Kylie gets discovered by a banished Mermaid turned Siren who puts a curse on Kylie. Kylie has a time limit to reverse the curse. If she doesn't succeed, Kylie will suffer consequences that will change her life forever. Follow Kylie Couture and her friends and family as they go on a long exhausting journey to find answers to reverse the curse. Everyone faces their own emotional and physical obstacles that'll slow down their progress. Of coarse; Moanie's Fairies, Elves, and Dwarves won't make anything easier! Copyright © Jordana Nicholson All Rights Reserved If anyone sees my work anywhere else. Please be kind and notify me. It was inspired by a few shows and mermaids in general. I added a few real-life experiences and real-life events I've witnessed.

Chapter 1: Bon Voyage! Part 1

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Amongst T...
by JordiNicholson