All I Ever Wanted (...
By Larrys_Girl
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The year is 2018, two years after One Direction went on hiatus, and also two years after Louis and Harry went their separate ways. Truth be told, they went their separate ways already a few months before that. They just pretended they were still on good terms so their fans wouldn't get suspicious. What happened between the two is something neither of them wants to talk about, and they haven't spoken a word to each other since the day the band went on hiatus. Now, two years later, Louis has just accepted the offer of being a judge in The X Factor. What he doesn't expect, though, is that he isn't the only one out of the members of One Direction who has accepted the offer. Harry has too. What will happen when the two have to spend time together after two years of not talking to each other? And what if one of the other judges is someone Louis has always been jealous of considering his close friendship with Harry? © 2021 Pauline (Larrys_Girl), All Rights Reserved. Highest Rankings: #1 in ONEDIRECTION 12/2-21 #1 in HARRYSTYLES 15/5-21 #1 in HARRY 20/5-22 #1 in LARRY 3/4-22 #1 in LARRYSTYLINSON 5/1-22 #1 in TOMLINSON 4/5-21 #1 in LOUIS 9/5-21 #1 in STYLINSON 31/1-22 #1 in XFACTOR 4/8-21 #2 in LOUISTOMLINSON 25/01-22 #4 in WATTPAD 17/12-21 #277 in FANFICTION 17/5-21


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All I Eve...
by Larrys_Girl