Death Oath: For My...
By VeronicaPurcell3
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Yukiko Asura was revered by all of Snow Peak Mountain as the Fair Lotus Blossom Maiden. It was widely known that the heart of this amicable, gentle, and stolid daughter to the First Peak Lord Master of the Five Grand Houses belonged to his first disciple and respected warrior, Raiden Mizua. Her dream of being a doting wife to Raiden came to a traumatic stop when blood-thirsty demons invaded their world on their wedding day. In one day, blood tainted the pure grounds of their home. Yukiko was left with no choice but to set off for the Martial Sect of Golden Core Mountain; the sole survivor capable to avenge her family's death, destroyed home, and seek the cure for her beloved's disease before it eats his soul essence. How much will Yukiko have to fight through to save Raiden? Read this fantasy-action story in the same vein as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Please support my works at my Kofi Shop:

Yukiko Asura: Delicate Lotus on Snow Peak Mountain

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Death Oat...
by VeronicaPurcell3