In My Feelings | Ha...
By rosnatt
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*female reader insert fic* You and Harry exist in the same friend group--and barely tolerate each other. Each night out is filled with snarky comments and arguments that go quickly from mumbled insults so full on fighting--even after he kisses you. An enemies to lovers fic filled with banter, fashion, sex, and major angst. *This was (and is) originally posted on Tumblr, by me, harrystylescherry (aka nat). I'm putting it on here so that it's easier to read as the parts are pretty long!* [there's been an influx of people adding this fic to "one shot/short story" reading lists and uh...yes this fic is only 7 parts but its about 150k words so its novel length lol it is not a short read i just wanted to let everyone know]

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In My Fee...
by rosnatt