A Summer Of Glowing...
By Hassina_G
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When Tia returns home to her beautiful hometown, she learns that she might be months away from relocating---to nowhere---with her mom and little sister, because low cost homes have no place in a resort-looking town. She and her friends are not ready to lose the heart of the town to business developments, and the mayor's son, Ethan Walter, might be able to help. But the more time she spends with him, the more she gets to know Ethan for what he is on the inside. However, she has a big secret and how can she trust a boy who plays with hearts for fun? Ethan is the scoundrel of the town--- changes his girls as quick as he changes his underwear. But when he learns that his dad is in an acquiescence with businessmen to sell the hometown he grew up in, he's willing to defy him. And when he meets Tia through mutual friends, he is drawn in like a magnet by her quirky and mysterious personality. But If he finds out why she's such a mystery, he might not like it like the previous people in her life. Started: 05 December 2020 Ended: STANDALONE ✨

A Summer Of Glowing Stars

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A Summer...
by Hassina_G