Always His (complet...
By wombella
  • Romance
  • dominant
  • fear
  • love
  • trust


"Tayla, everyone will be back soon. Are you ready to continue?" he asks with concern. "Wow, time flies when you're having fun." I say and slap my hand over my mouth. He laughs at me. "It's okay Tayla, I can detect sarcasm when I hear it." 'But, I wasn't being sarcastic' I think to myself. I nod and head back to my seat while Adam opens the blind and unlocks the door. I feel the colour drain from my face as I see Joel's face at the window. He looks at me with such lust but also something else, which I can't work out. I let out an involuntary cry and Adam looks to me. He notices the lack of colour in my face and looks to the window. "Oh shit Tayla." he says but I barely hear him as Joel opens the door. "Time to go Tayla." he says quietly and I look to Adam before grabbing my bag and letting Joel lead me out. PLEASE NOTE: THIS STORY IS HEAVY ON SEX SCENES DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 SOME SCENES ARE VIOLENT, PLEASE DON'T COMPLAIN IF YOU CHOOSE TO READ FOLLOW TO READ ALL CHAPTERS


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Always Hi...
by wombella