Amelie (ON HOLD)
By SweetCosette
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Amelie went unnoticed... or so she thought. Since the first time Amelie George stepped into a school, she had been depicted as uptight and scared of everything. With a pair of distant parents and snickers behind her back, at times she believed she would never be loved. Shy, insecure and too witty for her own good, Amelie lived her life alone and outcasted. Yet when a sleepover goes wrong, she finds herself noticed by a man with scarlet eyes, gauntly skin and looks to kill - literally. They were bound, and he would destroy anything in his path in a desiring desperation to make her his for all eternity. _____ W A R N I N G T H I S S T O R Y C O N T A I N S : ❦ mature/sexual scenes ❦ violence ❦ explicit language ❦ alcohol consumption _____ S T A R T E D - 25/12/2020 C O M P L E T E D - ? ? ?


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Amelie (O...
by SweetCosette