Book 2: The Crimson...
By s_girl123
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*Sequel to Book 1: The Scarlet Eyes* Naomi Suzuki was thought to be an average ninja. But no one knew that she actually came from the famous Uchiha Clan. Being the granddaughter of Jiraiya, the Sannin, she gradually became strong and grew powerful. She happily created bonds with the people of Konoha, but who knew that those people were the ones who kept her under the dark about her parents, resulting in her feeling betrayed. Anger and revenge clouding her mind, she leaves the village permanently and goes to the most powerful organization. What happens when she gets involved in capturing the tailed beasts? What happens when she confronts her ex-village? What happens, especially when she confronts Sasuke? Will he find out about who she is? How will he react? How will her past friends react to her real identity? Find out in Book 2: The Crimson Eyes, where love, courage, strength, and struggle will be experienced in the most brutal ways. Hope you guys like my new book!!~~~ Enjoy! Don't forget to vote and comment! :) **Cover has been made by me! ^_^

Naomi Uchiha

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Book 2: T...
by s_girl123