The Next Generation...
By Hufflepuffleness
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The voices. They came back. Hundreds of them. They were all yelling and getting louder. I've had occurrences like this one before, just not as bad. I think anxiety triggers it. I would be naive to peg it simply as an anxiety attack though. I haven't told anyone about it. They wouldn't care anyways. They wouldn't care. No one cares. A "Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals" fanfiction. Ellie is the sister of a prince, and the daughter of a King and Queen. She won't be a queen, and doesn't have a purpose. Or does she? Read as Ellie discovers her newfound powers, the true meaning of friendship, and her duty to her kingdom as a Second-Born. It takes place after the movies plot. There will be repeating characters from the movie, and it will be the same storyline, just continued. I'm not the best writer, so I will do my best to avoid typos and create an interesting plot.

Chapter One: Ellie

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The Next...
by Hufflepuffleness