Inglorious Bastards...
By Y_Allen
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This is the rewrite of my fanfic BLACK. It is a series and has a different ending! CARINA BLACK could not bear to look into a mirror because every time she did, she saw the eyes of the persons she feared the most. Her father. ROMAN ALSTON lives in a lie. He wants to believe that his family is still happy but he knew, the moment he was born, it was already broken. THEODORE NOTT was expected to the best of his generation, and to follow his father's footsteps. And there were no other options. When their Hogwarts letters came, three lost children found themselves part of a bigger picture that Fate has planned. A plan that involves them in a war that they must finish before they could find their happiness. But before that, they must first pass exams, homework, detention, Animagus trainings, teenage drama, and love. And what better way to do that than with having their best friend around.

The Seven Prophecies

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by Y_Allen