The two Dragon and...
By Yuki_Hinata
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(Art are not mine please don't attack me T-T) There are three girls three abilities three best friends two are dragons,twins with two elements one has fire her name is Yūgana Dragon the other one has ice her name is Ahri Dragon and they are 19 and one is a fox aka kitsune her name the Haru Kitsune she is 16 and the leader from the three of them and they called themselves 'the three mythic girls' they lived together in a village happily they helped everyone there and protect the village like a guardian angle but one day when they came back from collecting items they saw... Finding out in the book I don't know if there will be anyone shipped with the 3 OCs i made or maybe not but don't worry I'm just doing fluffs and not lemon or smut ⚠️And there can be some trigger warning there could be gore,deaths and many more and yes there are swearings⚠️

Prologue: Gone

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The two D...
by Yuki_Hinata