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MATURE CONTENT COME AND INDULGE IN SOME......S I N. Sebastiano De Luca, 28 year old Co-CEO of D&D Industries and bar owner of Sinful Nights, De Luca is ruthless, hot, hardworking, demanding and did I mention Italian. Sebastiano has never had trouble getting what he wanted and as a bisexual engaged man, he has never needed both man and women to be satisfied, but that all seems to change when Imani Laurent steps into his bar looking to take up the position of him and his fiancĆ©'s personal secretary. Now all he can think about is having her body between himself and Nazaire. Imani Laurent, an innocent yet secretly closeted freak, is from a uptight haitian middle class family, tired of being held down by her so called family, she leaves. 3 years later, At the age of 21, Imani, fresh out of college is looking for a job. Her best friend/neighbor Izaiah, offers to hook her up at a friends company. Little does she know, she's getting more than she has bargained for, two men have set their sights on her and will do anything to make sure, she stays where she belongs..with them. Nazaire Durant, 27 year old, Co-CEO of D&D Industries and owner of Durant Mechanics. Having overcome some major obstacles in his life, Durant is a fun, possessive, hot and ruthless when tested and is a happy soon to be married gay man to his life time partner-in-crime, Sebastiano De Luca. He couldn't wish for anything more........or so he thought. *********************************************************** Pulling out slowly, he slams back into me. My nails dig into his shoulders and run down his back, and he lets out a sharp hiss, sinking his teeth into my neck. I know for sure it would leave marks in the morning. Looking up, I spot Nazaire, sitting at the edge of bed, stroking himself. I hold my hand out, silently telling him to come over, when he does I grab his length and bring my head up to wrap my lips around him which earns a groan from him and Sebastiano. rest of prologue insidešŸ˜Œ


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