Epiphany - DreamNot...
By L0vely_Princ3ss
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Dream will do anything, just to feel alive again. He slept with people left and right, got drunk, skipped school and hung around the wrong kind of people, just for the sake of feeling something. In school, they talked about him. He was always the centre of attention. George never understood that. How could one throw his life away like that? In his eyes, Dream was nothing more than a Highschool fuck-up with too much money and time on his hands. But when the two are bound to cooperate with each other, his view changes. He sees the desperate tries of the other and decides, he wants to help. But will he be able to? Can he save his newfound friend, before it's too late? !!!This book consists of sensitive topics, such a abuse, depression, suicide and self harm!!! May I also inform you, that I do not ship the real people themselves. Their characters only, just as this is only made for entertainment.

Chp. 001

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by L0vely_Princ3ss