A Larry Christmas
By itstilliswhatitis
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@1dfannnnxx wanted me to write a Christmas Special and here it is. Louis started a job as an Elf at a shopping mall in December. He was sad to be away from his family but he really needed the money. He has hoped that he would get to be Santa but some other dude was already dressed up as Santa when he came to work on his first day and introduced himself as Harry. At least he didn't have to be Rudolph's ass like that poor guy Zayn, stuck behind someone named Liam all day. A guy named Niall was also an Elf and then there was Anna, or Mrs. Clause as she often pointed out, especially after Harry removed his fake beard at lunchtime and they could see how good-looking he was. Louis noticed too and all of a sudden his gloomy Christmas became exciting and wonderful and just a magical time to fall in love. Purely fictional!

Prologue-The happy elf

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A Larry C...
by itstilliswhatitis