Never the Same - An...
By Ilovetoreadandwrite
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After Tony defeats Whiplash (Iron Man 2) he and Pepper get engaged. Wanting to adopt, Tony and Pepper visit a orphanage in Queens. What will Tony do when he sees the kid that tried to stand up to a murder bot sitting all alone in a corner? Disclaimer: I don't own marvel. Art isn't mine. Credit to the artist. Note: This is my second Fanfic! I hope you guys enjoy and if you do consider checking out my other fanfic; Are You A Spy? - A Marvel Fanficion. This story is in no way, shape or form connected to that one. This idea just came to my head and I had to write it down. Also some events happen others don't. The events in Iron Man 3 don't happen. Since I started Are You A Spy first you can expect slower updates on this story.

The Engagement

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Never the...
by Ilovetoreadandwrite