Hush in The Bush
By Coverymyst
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • action
  • adventure
  • apocalypse
  • coverymyst
  • english
  • friend
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery
  • revenge
  • tagalog
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  • zombie


Billions of individuals are busy making their lives to the top. Not a single person can be called a saviour without a dreadful action being taken. Billions of sins shattered someone's soul and was put in jail, being captured of his own wills. But in a snap, all good or the bad ones will come to an end - they won't matter anymore. The only thing that will keep you still on the track is SURVIVAL. Catheryne Gabriella was woken up from her sleep due to the loud noises and sirens outside her house. She carefully stood up and went to her thickly curtained window and saw the vehicles currently in a vast traffic. She heard screams from everyone - the cries of those who will be lifeless in a moment. Panic embraced her. A large explosion suddenly came from afar, letting a thick black smoke rises and surrounds the entire city. She heard several knocks, like avenging ones at her door, now became vicious almost breaking it. She hurriedly opened it and witnessed a man standing still under his hood, holding a pistol directing it in her direction. "Spare your life woman. It's too late, we are not going to be saved from above." He said, tears flowing from his sunken eyes. Then the trigger was being pulled...


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Hush in T...
by Coverymyst