The Volleyball Godd...
By dilfmeian
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{Alternate Universe} Hinata Shouyou is a top U-17 player in beach volleyball back when she and her family lived in Brazil. She started playing beach volleyball when she was 7 and became a professional player at the young age of 10. Her incredible speed and skills earned her nicknames among the Brazilians, 'Ninja Shouyou' and 'Pixie of the Beach' for her gorgeous looks. When she turned 15, her mother told her that they had to return back to Japan due to her job. She was sad that she had to leave behind her friends and teammates behind. Her coach advised her that she can still play volleyball by switching to indoor, only that it would be hard to adapt from beach volleyball to indoor volleyball. Shouyou struggles, having to adapt with the differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball but she isn't one to give up that easily. She will prove to everyone and show them that Ninja Shouyou is as lethal in indoor volleyball as she was in beach volleyball. ⚠️ CURRENTLY ON HIATUS DUE TO UNIVERSITY AND PERSONAL LIFE ⚠️

Chapter 1

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The Volle...
by dilfmeian