Ignite {A Bakugou x...
By nishiwrites
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As a child, mastering and controlling three out of the four elements nature comprises of came easily to you. Before even discovering your quirk, the deep connection you shared with the earth was undeniable. Most of your life you've kept a level head and controlled spirit. Only, recently, your patience has been growing very thin at the lack of sparks you can summon. Having taken you in at a young age, Aizawa has helped train and strengthen your body to make it the ideal host for your quirk, allowing you to master the elements more efficiently. Yet it's been years, and the fire you so desperately want to burn, only sizzles and smokes. With your acceptance into UA and your pro-hero father's constant support, hope, to fully master your quirk, flourishes inside you. All the while you search for the catalyst that will fuel the burning fire within you, and ignite the flames of the final element. "I'll make you a Phoenix." A Bakugou x Reader story.


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Ignite {A...
by nishiwrites