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Stupid good girl? Check Two egoistic idiots? Check Annoying friends? Check Jealous bitches?Check Parents who aren't there when you need them?Check Lesson with the so-called-good girl?Check Catching feelings? Not checked. "Sometimes a dream might just be a nightmare." ♦Moving to another place without your dad is something but having to learn two idiots how to win a goody-two-shoes is something entirely different. ♪ Everybody knows that R+P is a deadly combination But when we add C? A zombie apocalypse is bound to happen • • • WARNING: The book is cliché and overall an easy read without much drama and plot twists here and there but nothing major. This book is unrealistic because it is made to be that way. If you find something that triggers, annoys you or you find incorrect and quite frankly rude just message me and I'll make sure to fix it but for Pete's sake do not give hate. The photos are taken from Google or Pinterest. (It has some curse words but I've tried to keep them low-key) ☆Rankings ▪︎25 in #lessons ▪︎15 in #denial ▪︎10 in #franciskolachowski ▪︎45 in #friendzoned ▪︎30 in #newbie ▪︎90 in #lovetriangle


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