The Maids Revenge
By Segswith2Dmen
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✨This is a Bnha fan fiction that takes place in a fantasy AU ✨ SUMMARY IS IN THE FIRST PAGE PLS READ ⚠️Trigger warning: includes blood, gore, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual harassment 18+ content ;) Character included: Todoroki, Bakugou, Momo, Uraraka, Dabi, Deku, Toga, Kaminari, Kirishima and possibly more.. This story also includes two OCs named Misaki Ryoto and Niko Fujishima. Ryoto has short black hair that is purple in the front and green eyes. Niko has long light brown hair and amber eyes. We will be writing YN story's in the near future Disclaimer, we love Momo, Dabi and Toga but their descriptions fit best to be the antagonists This story is ongoing... Please stick with it, it gets JUICY hehehehe - Lu & G

Chapter 1: The new recruits

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The Maids...
by Segswith2Dmen