Two of a kind- Otis...
By Malachai45
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this story uses the main plot from the movie House of 1000 Corpses. Warning for graphic scenes of violence and language. This is also practically a rough draft and eventually many edits will be made. Funny how much chaos a flat tire and an empty tank can cause, ain't it? You had no intention of going in this roadtrip to begin with but after nonstop urging from your adoptive father, Don Willis, who wanted you to bond with your sister and her friends it was quickly decided you were being dragged along. Denise Willis thought that she understood the child her father had adopted perfectly, an attention whore who acted innocent in order for people to like her. She was on the right track in a way, you weren't as innocent as you appeared. Even with her hatred towards you, she had no idea just what kinda monster you really were. But he would understand perfectly, for he was the same kind of monster. He was just like you. More importantly, he wanted you. Otis driftwood always got exactly what he wanted. I am still editing and updating this story so please understand that changes will be made to all chapters at some point :)

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Two of a...
by Malachai45