Strike The Devil [C...
By EloperElf
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[Under Editing] The most dangerous people are ones with nothing to lose. But after meeting you, I'm not so dangerous anymore. ~Elysia/VIPER I'm a Monster who was born to kill and rule over people. My heart was black and dead. But when you entered my life then My Heart is able to beat again. ~Blade/Mafia Man Elysia Salvatore is the world's most powerful Assassin Viper. She has lived her whole life for a revenge which will be completed with Death of Spanish Mafia Leader, Sergio Alcaldo. Blade Veneto, Italian Mafia Leader comes in her way and becomes her partner in her revenge. Will this r evenge would led to some lust and love between these two ruthless souls? Cover made by @omlata18

Prologue : The Viper

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Strike Th...
by EloperElf