My North Star (Harr...
By xDreamingIllusionsx
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(Year 1 - 3) Y/n goes to hogwarts and become friends with Hermoine, Ron and Harry. Immediately y/n and Harry connect, as friends or something more? Through there years at hogwarts they get to have fun, make memories and occasionally nearly die. Back story of y/n You are born into a pureblood house hold very much like Draco Malfoy. They hate mudbloods and think purebloods are above everyone else. All your family members have been in Slytherin which can sometimes put pressure on you. Your father favorites your brother who is also going to hogwarts. Your brother is a bully and rude but can be very protective sometimes. Year 1: COMPLETE Year 2: COMPLETE year 3: (Hasn't started) (A/n AHH THANK YOU GUS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE READS IM SO DAM HAPPY!)

Year 1: Chapter 1

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My North...
by xDreamingIllusionsx