Always There
By AussieLemon2
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This is a DracoxReader. Y/n is an Australian transfer coming to Hogwarts. Malfoy falls for you but will make mistakes along the way. Will there be a love triangle? Will you end up together? And what will stand in the way of you two being happy? Read to find out!!! I don't really know what I'm doing but enjoy ❤ I left a little message on the first page for you all-Even though I know Author's Notes are kind of anooying. It will just give you some information about yourself and some others! I don't know if I mention it but you are pureblood! Little Information: Y/n-Your Name L/n-Your Last Name F/c-Your FAvourite color F/f-Your Favourite Food I will do little ( ) If I bring in a new one and let you know what it means.

From A/n-Intro

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Always Th...
by AussieLemon2