For the love of Dea...
By Smisha
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I ran without looking back, terrified at the thought that he would catch me. His deep baritone voice floated through my can't out run Death princess... What is a teenager to do, when she breaks the heart of a God? Especially the God of life and death. ******************************************************** Saphira is a 17 year old girl that craves normalcy. Her father suffered from a terrible illness that created havoc in her life. She thought that her biggest fear was metamorphing into him. But she was wrong. Before her 18th birthday, the God of life and death threatened to go to extreme lengths to claim her as his own. Saphira needs to fight for her life and be at peace with her superhuman abilities because... When a prophecy is spoken A monster will be awoken , And the fate of the world will lie in the hands of a girl Can She save the day? Or will Evil have the last say? © Smisha 2014 All rights reserved

Chapter 1

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For the l...
by Smisha