Smoking Buddies
By ThatBrownGirl
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“I hate it when people tell me I'm smoking just to escape reality. On the contrary—I smoke to enjoy reality.” When Olivia Maddox returns to Riverview High after two years of living in New York at her (used-to-be) dream boarding school for girls, she's kind of thrown everyone off at how drastically she's changed. For one--she didn't have that smoking and drinking habit before she left. Olivia insists the "new" her is the "better" her. She's convinced herself. The question is, has she convinced everyone else? -*- “I just blow away all of my problems every time I exhale.” Alex Hawke smokes for the opposite reason from Olivia. While she smokes to enjoy life, he smokes to escape life. With a busy mother, estranged father, and a slight anger issue, cigarettes are Alex's best friend, besides his actual friends. And so, when he and one of his best friend's sister decide to smoke at the same time and same place almost every other day, well... God knows what's bound to happen.


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Smoking B...
by ThatBrownGirl