Prince of Tennis: V...
By DorkyGlaciers
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Yan AnBao (安褒) is the younger cousin (one year younger) of Yan Zhiming. She transfer to Yu Qing from Hai Guang mid-year after she unexpectedly moved in to live with Yan Zhiming's family. This is when she found out that her cousin isn't just a super genius, he's a tennis super genius. At Yu Qing, she aimlessly follows the tennis team occasionally causing trouble or find herself in complicated situations. At this time Yan AnBao also extended an interest that brings her constantly in the path of a certain tennis member. After a while, forgets her life before Yu Qing and her embarrassing past. She get the privilege of tagging along with the team, getting close with the team members and gaining insights on their life while she struggles with her own. It seems that though she left Hai Guang, Hai Guang did not leave her. DISCLAIMER: This is a fanfic on "The Prince of Tennis ~Match! Tennis Juniors~" from the Netflix Original. I do not claim credits to these character, just my original characterS. No pictures I use are owned by me.

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Prince of...
by DorkyGlaciers