TRUST (Unedited)...
By elsa_els
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Julliane Gildman a.k.a the Ice Queen She is the CEO of the Gildman Company. She is rich, smart, independent, and extremely sexy. Her company is one of the biggest companies in USA. She can't trust anyone, she is so cold to everyone and sometimes she looks arrogant. But there is an exception for her bestfriend and her secretary, Stacy Carson. Few years ago she wasn't like this. She was caring, lovely, sweet and friendly to everyone. But things happened, soon she turn out become like this. Cold. She learn not to trust anyone. The people she love betrayed her, and there is only one person who stick with her and support her, Stacy. Bryan Ethan Martinez a.k.a the Hottie CEO He is the CEO of the Martinez Company. Well, his company is the biggest one in USA. He is sweet, hot and handsome man. Once you see him, you can't take your eyes off him. He is too hot to resist. He has a lot of friends. And he has a lovely family. His family love him but hate his sluty fiancé, Lindsday. © 2014 by Elsa_els. All Rights Reserved.

Prologue [AN & Copyright]

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TRUST (Un...
by elsa_els