A Night in the Star...
By Epsonea_482
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The world can be a gruelling place, a place of hardship and struggle. When that final step is taken, a new era of the world is discovered, regardless of what awaits. Grimm. Humans. Faunus. In the end, they're all cut from the same cloth; pure representations of life and its aspects. But within all that ceaseless conflict, the wars and the battles between man and monster... there's always a bright reality, one that burns like a wildfire and crackles like a dancing flame. Yin and Yang. So what happens when that discovery is made? What happens when a lonesome boy meets that burning yet tranquil sensation, and is suddenly swept off his feet as he sat and awkwardly watched those who were happy? Like most things in life... it's complicated. Or rather, Yang Xiao Long is. This is a RWBY Two-Shot story; a Male reader X Yang story. I do not own any pictures or characters used, you are yourself. Started: 7/11/20 Published: 24/1/23 Completed: 24/1/23 Cover art by einlee on DeviantArt!

Chapter 1: Dancing Like a Fire Gone Wild

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A Night i...
by Epsonea_482