The Fear of the Pas...
By WoahLuci
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There was a new motive. One person would be chosen to get their memories before the killing game. Depending on who is chosen, a murder could very much happen. After all, no one knows how they really were, right? Kokichi Ouma, the Ultimate Supreme Leader was chosen for the motive. After all, if something went wrong, nobody would miss him. But. There was something wrong. The Supreme Leader seemed more jumpy around the others. Specifically, a certain detective... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wow okay. This was just made out of my bored mind, and I decided to actually write something about it. Because of this, this story is made on a whim, meaning it has no real story line. Or one written I guess. I don't know, I might drop it like all my other stories. Warning: Mentions of Abuse (serveal kinds) Sexual abuse Self-harm Killing And other stuff. Language (idk if I should even add this. But just in case some people are sensible about this kind of stuff.) Read at your own risk. Ah, of course I'll write a warning at the beginning of the chapter so if your sensible about that kind of stuff, you can know before hand. Ah, if you don't know about the plot from what I put above, it's basically Pregame Kokichi's memories × Shuichi Saihara. I don't know if this even makes sense. Story cover drawn by me. I'll be using my own terrible art since I'm not comfortable using others. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this story! This is mostly just Kokichi vs. The Mastermind with saiouma thrown in there. There's also angst. And death. And crazy Shuchi. How lovely. It's boring. You should probaly read something else worth your while. Started-November 10 Completed-N/A

Chapter 1

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The Fear...
by WoahLuci