The Dangan Ronpa
By Jakken_Dean
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16 teenagers are put into isolation from the outside world and their outside life. left to rot and die. However, there is a way out. You must murder somebody without being caught. Once a body has been found, a class trial will be run where you must collaborate with the group to identify the murderer or convince them it was someone else. If you manage to trick the other students into believing that you are not the killer, you will be free to leave while the other students will be executed for their mistake. If you are identified as the killer and are found guilty, then you and only yourself will be executed in a unique manner, leaving the rest of the students to continue on this game of mutual killing. Do you think you could do it? ***Also, I recommend not looking in the "videos and media" section as there will be spoilers in there***


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The Danga...
by Jakken_Dean