Secret World Of the...
By adrixmela
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The Gods never left, they've been living here among you in their own secret world. King Zeus has been dead for a year. It is now time for a new King to ascend the throne. At the announcement of the the new King, Hera interrupts refusing to let one Zeus's bastards ascend the throne. She declares that only a child of her and Zeus's blood can ascend the throne or there will be no royal at all. One small problem, all of the children of her and Zeus were hunted and killed in the last war. Nothing left but whispers and stories of a last grandson of Zeus and Hera. And it is up to Lys to find him. But she must hurry as the throne is empty and others are eagerly looking for a way to take it.

Before the Story Begins

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Secret Wo...
by adrixmela