Forbidden Heart [Ji...
By Roseplum_113
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Author note : "NO INCEST. I'M CLEARLY SAYING THIS CHARACTERS 'ARE NOT BLOOD RELATED'. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO LOOK NEGATIVELY. THIS WORK IS AN IMAGINARY STORY TO READ - A FANFICTION TO ENJOY SO I DON'T SUPPORT THIS, IT'S JUST MERE STORY DO NOT FOLLOW THIS IN REAL LIFE". "It hurts so bad falling in love with your father in this society and it hurts more when he isn't even aware of your feelings towards him" Jimin "How can you fall for your father Jiminah? its impossible for him to reciprocate your feelings, but don't give up so easily on your heart, I'm with you" namjoon "I'm obsessed over him he is only mine, don't you even dare to lay your eyes on him" Jimin. "If you're obsessed over him then I'm crazy for him, you can't stop me kid" How will one endure the pain of being in one sided love when it was forbidden in this society, Jimin grew feelings for his dad ever since he was a child. Jeon Jungkook and Min Yoongi were tied into an arrange marriage by their parents at the very early age but later yoongi went away to persuade his dreams and left Jimin under the care of his dad Jungkook. get ready to lose your braincells contains many twists, mafia rivals etc. side ships : yoonkook, taegi, namjin etc (many unexpected ships) contains : mafia fatherxson 12 year age gap twists obsession marriage fluff smut kinky mpreg angst ofcourse happyending ☆topjungkook☆ ☆bottomjimin☆ started : 13 Nov 2020 ended : ongoing This is really very weird and different story some of you might won't like the idea of fatherxson type of thing, so for those who don't like this please stay away from my book and don't comment hate on my work, its based on my imagination. contains mature content if uncomfortable don't read and translations are not allowed !!

☆1. Intro☆

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by Roseplum_113