All Eyes On Us
By harpiche
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They don't play to win. They play to hurt. Sterling Academy's irresistible reputation all came crashing down last year when a list of the 'top thirty girls too...' had been anonymously published. Now recovering from the pits of hell the media dragged them through, the students at Sterling have been told to be silent. Not to talk of the list ever again; and thanks to new spiralling rumours, formal coming up, and the short term attention span of students. Everyone has started to move on. Almost everyone. Silence may be a deadly game, but Valè is willing to play, if it means revenge on those who created the list. And lucky for her, she has a pretty good idea. The Heartbreakers of Sterling. Caleb Delvaúx, Luca Cathans, Atlas McAllister and Sage Evander's. Forming a team of her own, Valè gets together a flawless group of girls that are equally starved for revenge...or a challenge. Revenge may be sweet. But heartbreak is sweeter. ______________________________ "We're not playing to win over social hierarchy. We're playing to hurt their hearts beyond fixability." #1- girlpower #1 - revenge #1- richgirls #1 - soccerboy #1 - richteens #1 - friendstoenemies #1 - freshreads #4 - richkids #10- blackmail #11 - friends #9 - teenage #12 - richboys #14 - privateschool #22 - girl #32 - drama

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All Eyes...
by harpiche