The Wrong Path Can...
By AlittleKittyCat21
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Dr. Lawrence was finishing up with another patient when he received another form, along with their injury history records from a new patient. Johnny quickly glanced over the patient records, scanning the x-rays the technician had sent in. The patient complained of pain and limited function in his left knee over the years. Within the past five years, the knee has been giving out and has been in severe pain. It was an old injury, apparently. Johnny could see where the fracture must've been, and it looked healed adequately for the most part. However, this patient would need to take more x-rays to see what has worsened the joint. Depending on the cause, they will need surgery and was almost sure this should be followed by physical therapy to solve the problem, but he would have to see the patient to get a clear idea of his mobility. He glanced over the name again. LaRusso, Daniel. An old injury passed left knee fracture. 1984. 'Your alright, LaRusso! Good match!' That 'Daniel LaRusso'? "Fuck." ************************** Idea from Roisinqueen on Tumblr

The Wrong Path Can Only Go So Far...

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The Wrong...
by AlittleKittyCat21