His Heartbeat
By gulle_jana
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~ Zindagi or kuch nahi.. Bas! Teri meri kahani hai..~ (life is nothing! But! A story of yours and mine!) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (OFFICIAL SPIN OFF Of "She Was Made For Him" but can be read as stand alone) _______________ He never knew that his small prank will turn up like this. All he wanted was to satisfy his ego but now when he was succeeded in letting her down then why was he not feeling proud and happy as he used to be on his every victory?? There was no sign of pride and peace instead there was a storm brewing in his mind. Again and again that scene was projecting in front of him where she was crying like there was no end and the way she looked in his eyes before getting unconscious. He never thought in his dreams ever that hurting her will hurt him this much. Sneak in to know how those hands who only know how to grip guns will handle a girl, more like flood so perfectly!! She used to believe that love is the medicine for all kind of pains!! All he knew was that there is no medicine found in the world for the pain given by love!! One thing that was common in them was the hate for each other. Two opposite poles!! Two contradictory characters that will inveigle you to lovee!!🔥 Remember one thing!! It's Khan Villa whom we are talking about, where drama and fun are constant and mandatory 24/7. Another enticing and alluring tale of a heartthrob ladykiller and funloving queen, starting from hate and infinite differences and ending with pure bliss of love. Turn the pages around to know how much time he will take to realize that she was not heartattack but heartbeat. His Heartbeat!!❤🖤


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His Heart...
by gulle_jana